Let’s Read! : The Law of Success

Once again, we’re back to recommending self-help books. Today’s featured book is a classic one. It’s Napoleon Hill’s The Law of Success. First published in 1928, it has now become the platform for most motivational books ever published in history.


“The Law of Success (originally The Law of Success in 16 Lessons) is the title of Napoleon Hill’s first book set, published initially in 1928 as a multi-volume correspondence course and later more compact formats in recent years. The work was originally commissioned at the request of Andrew Carnegie at the conclusion of a multi-day interview with Hill, and was based upon interviews of over 500 American millionaires across nearly 20 years, including such self-made industrial giants as Henry Ford, J. P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Alexander Graham Bell, and Thomas Edison. The original edition featured the eponymous 16 lessons, with the updated 21st-Century Edition featuring an additional 17th lesson drawn from later notes and lecture materials.”

Here are the 16 laws of success according to Hill’s research:

  1. The Master Mind
  2. A Definite Chief Aim
  3. Self-Confidence
  4. The Habit of Saving
  5. Initiative and Leadership
  6. Imagination
  7. Enthusiasm
  8. Self-Control
  9. The Habit Of Doing More Than Paid For
  10. A Pleasing Personality
  11. Accurate Thinking
  12. Concentration
  13. Cooperation
  14. Profiting by Failure
  15. Tolerance
  16. The Golden Rule
  17. The Universal law of Cosmic Habit force (also known as the Law of Attraction; added on the updated 21st-Century Edition drawn from later notes and lecture materials.)

The additional 17th law of success is already familiar to the readers of our posts because it is the same concept discussed inCreative Visualization For Dummies and in Rhonda Byrne’s  The Secret.”

We have provided a pdf copy of this book in this post for our readers convenience. If you have time, please do check out this book and tell us what you have learned.



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