Let’s Read! : Creative Visualization For Dummies

We have not reviewed a book for the past few weeks so today, we’ll make it up to our readers.

We’re sure that most of you have already seen any of the variants of the “For Dummies” books. Which one have you already read?

The particular “For Dummies” book that we want to share for today is entitled “Creative Visualization For Dummies” written by Robert Nixon.

Now, surely some of you would be asking what is creative visualization? You may probably think that it is related to art. Actually, it could be. Well, if you have been following our posts and reading our book reviews, the idea of creative visualization is no longer stranger to you.

Creative visualization (also called sports visualization) “refers to the practice of seeking to affect the outer world via changing one’s thoughts.” It is the basic principle behind optimism and it is “frequently used by athletes to enhance their performance. It is the technique of using one’s imagination to visualize specific behaviors or events occurring in one’s life.”

Those who practice this kind of thinking suggest that if you want to achieve a goal, you should create a detailed schema of it and then visualize it over and over again with all of your senses – sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste. “For example, in sports a golfer may visualize the ‘perfect’ stroke over and over again to mentally train muscle memory.”

If you have already read “The Secret” by Rhonda Bryne (or seen the docu-film), you will notice the similarity between the concepts presented by the two books. The only difference is how the same idea of turning thoughts into reality is presented. In “The Secret,” the author gave historical applications of law of attraction to show that positive thinking can really lead to the realization of a goal. In “Creative Visualization For Dummies,” the author gave a lot of simple exercises (Try this) to help the readers learn and practice how to develop their ability to picture out thoughts and goals. Nixon explored more on the idea of VISUALIZING a THOUGHT as if they are already REAL and TANGIBLE.

Check out this book to learn more about how you can make the world conspire in your favor. Have a great time reading.




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