Parents’ Day in South Korea

Last week, we posted an article about Children’s Day in South Korea. We also mentioned there that the month of May is a month of filial celebrations/holidays for South Koreans. As a follow-up, we will be sharing today about Parents’ Day.

Originally referred to as Mother’s Day, May 8th is now celebrated as Parents’ Day to recognize not just the efforts of mothers in taking care of their children but also the hard work of fathers in raising their family. Though this day is not actually a national holiday, it is still considered as a very special day in South Korea because devotion and respect to parents have always been part of the virtues in traditional Korean society.

During this day, children show their gratitude towards their parents and grandparents by presenting them flowers (most especially carnations and roses) and songs about this holiday. Adults, who can afford more expensive gifts, give something like nutritional supplements, beauty treatment packages and electronic items. Streets and squares of Seoul also bloom with bright smiles and joyful ambiance as both children and young adults do good deeds to elderly people whether they know them or not. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs also recognizes those people who were able to do exemplary works in line with their devotion to parents and the elderly. Special ceremonies are also held in temples and cultural centers in certain towns for the entertainment of the elders.

Anyway, it does not matter whether a person’s way of showing love to parents and elders is simple or extravagant. What’s important is that person was able to show how thankful he or she is to them because of their selfless nature and unconditional love to the children of their country. Now, even though it is not Parents’ Day today in your country, we encourage you to say some words of gratitude to your parents. That will surely make them feel good. Happy Parents’ Day to all fathers and mothers around the world!




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