Let’s Read! : Becoming a Person of Influence

Every one of us has aspirations. Each one of us has someone or some people that we look up to. No matter what that person’s field of expertise are – music, arts, and technology – we all have someone who serves as our model in life. We usually think that these people are successful because they are already influential (Madonna, John Grisham, Mother Teresa, Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pablo Picasso and even Adolf Hitler). However, what most of us do not actually realize is that we can also be as influential as those people even though we are not as famous or high-profiled as them. We just need to know how we can improve ourselves and be good models to others.

Today’s featured book deals with how we can be a better influence to others. It’s John Maxwell’s and Jim Dornan’s Becoming a Person of Influence: How to Positively Impact the Lives of Others.

The big idea of this book is that every one of us is an influencer (ex. parents influence their kids, spouses influence each other and peers change your views). As long as we communicate and interact with others, we influence them and also get influenced by them.

Since influencing others is already a part of our nature, what we have to learn is how to “positively impact the lives of others” if we want to be successful. In the book, Maxwell and Dornan were able to share the 10 progressive steps (divided into four stages) to become a person of influence.

STAGE 1: Modeling
1.    Demonstrate Integrity to everyone you meet.

STAGE 2: Motivating
2.    Nurture people through encouragement and support.
3.    Have Faith in people to enable them to believe in themselves.
4.    Listen to people and build relationships with them.
5.    Understand people and help them achieve their dreams.

STAGE 3: Mentoring
6.    Enlarge people to increase their potential.
7.    Navigate with them through life’s difficulties so they can become independent.
8.    Connect with people and move them to a higher level.
9.    Empower people to be the persons they were created to be.

STAGE 4: Multiplying
10.    Reproduce influential leaders and let your influence continue to grow through others.




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