South Korea’s Professional Baseball League

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in South Korea. It was introduced  by American missionaries in 1905 and has remained to be patronized until today. Korea won the Gold Medal in baseball at the 2008 Olympic Games. Korea is also a regular participant in the World Baseball Classic, and is considered one of the best baseball countries in international competition. Several Korean players have gone on to play in Major League Baseball.

Korea Professional Baseball is the highest level league of baseball in South Korea [Hanguk Peuro Yagu (Hangul: 한국 프로 야구) (literally Korean pro baseball]. Professional teams owned by large conglomerates (chaebols) compete in this tournament. It was originally founded with six teams in 1982 and currently has eight teams. The teams are named after the companies or business conglomerates which own them. Korea Professional Baseball is one of two major sports leagues in South Korea, the other being the K-League (Korea Professional Football League). Last April 7, the 2012 baseball season has already kicked off and it will last for six months.

The following are the teams that play for the South Korean professional baseball league.

Samsung Lions – Daegu

SK Wyverns – Incheon

Lotte Giants – Busan

Kia Tigers – Gwangju

Doosan Bears – Seoul

LG Twins – Seoul

Hanwha Eagles Daejeon

Nexen Heroes – Seoul

NC Dinos – Changwon (will start playing next year)



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