How to link your Me2day account to your Facebook account?

This is a step-by-step guide on how you could link your Me2day account to your Facebook account.

1. First, look for the application called “me2acebook” in Facebook by typing it in the search box.

2. Open the application and let it access your account. Click the “allow” button.

Note:  The application usually redirects first to an error page like this:

You just need to open the application again by doing Step 1. This time, it would redirect to this page:

3. Put your me2day ID in the text field on the left side of the page. After that, mark the two check boxes below it. Then, click the “link” button (the chain with a plus sign inside the gray box).

4. After clicking the “link” button, the page would look like this.

You just have to click the new button below the “link” icon and you are done. After that, the application will redirect you to Facebook.

5. This time, you can try posting something on your me2day account. If you want your post in me2day to appear in your Facebook account, you just need to put “2fb” in the tag area. It is located below the area where you encode your post.

After a few seconds, your post in me2day will also appear on your Facebook wall.

That’s it!

We hope everyone can successfully link their FB and me2day pages. If there are some parts of these tutorial which are not clear, feel free to leave your comments, questions and suggestions.


6 thoughts on “How to link your Me2day account to your Facebook account?

    • Try it again until you see the message telling you that you have successfully linked your fb and me2day accounts. Actually, the app is a little unstable so sometimes, even though you have already linked your accounts, your posts in me2day do not automatically appear in fb.

  1. I’ve tried , and it works.
    Do we have to open the application first every time we want our me2day’s posts appear in facebook? click the new button under the ‘link’ icon (like in the 4th step) after post something in me2day, so the post will appear after we click the button. Is it?

    • No…you will just need to put “2fb” on the tag area of your me2day post if you want that post to also appear on your FB account. You also need to be patient in waiting for your me2day post to appear on FB because sometimes, the me2acebook app is quite unstable. Hope that helped you…^_^

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